how to compare services

Below is a list of questions to ask when comparing services.
For a printable version please select this link: Checklist.pdf

Question Response
Why are we specialists in providing for ASD, what is it that we do differently?  
Are the clients in the home of similar ability/needs as your family member?  
Give an example of your clients behaviour and ask how they would work with the client to overcome this issue.  
How would they respond if the needs of your family member changed dramatically?  
Can the placement provide help with court cases, liaise with MAPPAs, provide offending behaviour treatment, psychological treatment for co-morbid psychiatric problems, gender, sensory issues and in-house G.P. services?  
Ask for examples of how they develop the clients to enable them to live more independently  

Does the cost of the placement include clothes, outings, holidays and other personal expenditure?


What links can we provide for education & work opportunities?


What move on opportunities do we have for residents?

Ask about therapeutic intervention - how is it provided; hr per wk?  

Check to see a care plan - is it up to date and relevant?


What are the activities of the Home Manager, how many hours do they spend in the home? Are they the Registered Manager?


What compulsory training do staff undertake when they start at the home, how often is it reviewed?


What are the staffing ratios, how are they worked out? (per clients needs or number of clients per home)?

Check the latest CSCI inspection report  

Parents and clients also want to know how much of their stuff they can bring
what can they have in their rooms?

How often can parents visit, can they ring the units, will their child be allowed to visit home?  

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